PA Coalition for World Class Math

                                                              Important Note

The comments the U.S. Coalition for World Class Math submitted on 10/21/09 emphasized our concern that the Common Core Standards fail to specify the optional, higher-level mathematical content necessary for college-readiness in STEM disciplines.  It has now come to our attention that enrollment prerequisites for BA programs in non-STEM fields of many, perhaps most, state universities also require mastery of numerous Algebra II and Geometry topics that are not included in the current draft.  This includes the California State University and University of California systems, the University of Texas and Texas A&M systems, University of Illinois and Illinois State University systems, Florida State and University of Florida, Ohio State University, and many others.

This omission of significant portions of essential Algebra II and Geometry content renders the Common Core Standards inadequate for students who will enter undergraduate programs in STEM or even non-STEM disciplines in much of the country.  We recommended in our comments that the authors of Common Core Standards follow the methodology Achieve, Inc. used in developing the ADP Benchmarks: Create standards appropriate for all students by specifying essential content up to and including that needed in preparation for study in STEM fields, and identifying as optional those topics required only for students wishing to prepare for study in STEM disciplines.  States should not adopt the "College-Readiness" Standards unless they adequately identify the content required for success in credit-bearing mathematics courses in their state universities.  The current Common Core Standards draft falls significantly short of this requirement for many states.