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                               Core-Plus eliminated in Beaver Dam (WI) (12/20/11)


Beaver Dam School District revises math curriculum

Students in Beaver Dam schools will no longer have the option of taking Core-Plus math courses.

The Beaver Dam Unified School District board of education unanimously approved eliminating the two tracks of Core-Plus math currently offered in order to adopt the state's standards for math during its meeting on Monday.

The board is following a recommendation by a committee of educators and parents who met to discuss the district's math requirements. The committee agreed that the traditional path used by the schools should be followed by students and the core path should be eliminated.

The district began using Core-Plus math in 2000. The course emphasizes real world applications and teaching and learning mathematics through problem solving.

Director of teaching and learning Sandra Garbowicz said at the school board meeting last monh that it will take the district two years to phase out Core math.

A transition plan will be put in place for students and teachers will begin teaching the new courses in September.

In addition, the board approved keeping the honors track for students, but requested the curriculum for those classes to be brought to the board for approval.

Seven parents who were concerned that the honors classes would be eliminated spoke to the board.

"The honors level classes allow college bound students to focus on working at a higher level," said Rose McDonald, who worked on the math committee.

Parent Scott Eberle suggested the district offer honors classes at a younger age.

Eighth-grade students will have additional math options with high school students having the option of three different advanced placement courses before graduation.