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                                     Beaver Dam (WI) Dumps Core Plus (11/21/2011)

Beaver Dam school board to consider changes in math

Students in the Beaver Dam Unified School District may see some changes in the mathematics courses offered.

A committee of 15 people, including school district administration, school board members, teachers and parents, met recently to discuss the math requirements for the district.

Director of teaching and learning Sandra Garbowicz said the committee worked at aligning the math classes being offered by the district. The district is focused on creating more rigorous course offerings for the students.

The committee agreed that the Core math path would be eliminated and a more traditional path would be followed by the students.

The district began using Core-Plus math in 2000. The course emphasizes real world applications and teaching and learning mathematics through problem solving. Garbowicz said it will take the district two years to phase out the Core math courses.

"We will put in a transition plan for students," Garbowicz said.

The board will consider a change in the math offered for seventh through senior students on Dec. 19. Two tracks are being offered for the board to choose from, but each track begins with seventh-graders taking seventh-grade math and ends with seniors being offered pre calculus on the lower end and three different advanced placement courses on the higher end.

If the board approves the plan in December, the schools will begin teaching the courses in September. Elementary staff would also look at the math options they teach students.