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              Frederick MD Dumps TERC Investigations

Frederick MD Dumps TERC Investigations

The citizens of Frederick MD just voted in a new school board.  During their campaigns elected members promised to change the way the school district operates.  In their first meeting as new members they demonstrated that they meant to keep their campaign promises, and they eliminated TERC Investigations as the school district’s math program.  TERC Investigations will continue to be used in Frederick MD elementary classrooms through the end of the year.  A new program will be selected and implemented in the Fall.  District staff have been asked to identify and address knowledge gaps for 6th grade students which might have resulted from the instructional approach followed in TERC Investigations classrooms.

The decision was not without criticism as the votes were taken without public notification or debate.

We “Mad Math Parents” in PWC applaud the Frederick MD school board for making this decision, though we do wish the school board had notified the public and allowed debate on the issue.  While we agree with the ends, we do not believe that they justify the means employed to achieve them.

Frederick MD faces a difficult decision, as they will now have to select a new instructional program and prepare teachers for that program before classes begin in the Fall.  We hope the Frederick School Board will ensure that this process is transparent and that parents are afforded ample opportunities to provide their feedback on the programs the district is considering before any decisions are made.