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                                 Hudson dumps Connected Math (OH) (6/6/2012)

by Tim Troglen | Reporter

Hudson -- The Board of Education has selected a new math textbook for Hudson Middle School students.

Following the recommendation of Hudson Schools Superintendent Steve Farnsworth and a review committee, the School Board unanimously approved the adoption of the "Glencoe" text for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders. The district will start using the books in the 2012-13 school year.

Superintendent Steve Farnsworth made his text book recommendation to the Board of Education at its June 4 meeting.

Farnsworth said he talked to several middle school teachers and they felt it was the best available text.

The text concentrates on an integrated program in line with the new common core standards adopted last year by several states, including Ohio, said Hudson Schools Director of Curriculum and Instruction Doreen Osmun.

The district had been using the "Connected Math" text for the past 12 years, which focused on an investigative approach to problem solving, according to Osmun.

The new text will contain a blended approach to learning. It will encourage home support, accelerate students to high school geometry, and offer high school algebra to eighth-grade students, Osmun said.