PA Coalition for World Class Math

                                    Grassroots Math Organizations

When fads in mathematics education provoke a more robust public outcry than such notoriously controversial topics as sex education, it is clear that something is seriously amiss in the world of mathematics education. It is stunning to note how many grassroots groups have organized to oppose these fads and request a return to mainstream practices in the teaching of mathematics.


Parents are naturally loath to criticize their schools publicly, and professional mathematicians are unlikely candidates for public activism; yet impressive numbers of both have come together to promote sensible math curricula and responsible mathematics standards.

The sheer number of grassroots math advocacy groups is sobering. We do not necessarily agree with all material on the following websites, but we believe it is essential to recognize and respect the extraordinary level of concern they represent. We know of no (zero) parent/mathematician groups that have formed to request the adoption or continuation of "reform" math, but the list of those in opposition continues to grow. Concern about these math programs has caused superintendents to resign and continues to be the deciding factor in many school board elections.

What follows is a partial list of grassroots organizations that promote content-rich, rigorous mathematics instruction that is supported by quality research: