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               Pelham YouTube channel launched to oppose Investigations (2/16/2012) NY

The Pelham Math Committee Launches YouTube Channel

Main Street Connect
Feb 16, 2012

PELHAM, N.Y. – The Pelham Math Committee, a local organization looking to replace the current mathematics curriculum in the public schools, has started a YouTube channel to spread its message to more residents.

 The first videos, a total of nine, are from the committee’s Jan. 24 Community Math Night, which was well attended by concerned Pelham parents and three experts in mathematics education.

The night focused on why the current math curriculum in Pelham, “Investigations,” is detrimental to a child’s education as they advance into high school and college.

Rich Zahradnik, one of the organization’s founding members, is thrilled that they now have a YouTube channel.

"People lead busy lives,” said Zahradnik. “We knew the professors had delivered an informative and interesting presentation and this lets more of our Pelham neighbors see and hear what they had to say."

Alan Siegel of New York University and Stanley Ocken and Ethan Akin of City College of the City University of New York gave presentations and then took questions from those in attendance. The three professors have a combined four decades worth of experience studying K-12 math education.

“Their talk is straightforward, informative, edu-speak free, and at times, even entertaining,” said Zahradnik of the professors.

Zahradnik said that the committee plans on uploading several other videos.

“We plan to put up shorter portions that will cover specific topic areas, including the problems with Investigations, the need for math mental-muscle memory, the need for children to move from the pictorial to the concrete to the abstract in arithmetic, and a review of the current Investigations fifth grade curriculum,” he said.

“We will also have an excellent segment on why in-class supplementation will not correct for damage done by Investigations," Zahradnik concluded.

He is looking forward to the future of the YouTube channel and the committee. The online petition to replace “Investigations” has so far received 111 signatures.

"It's a way to take a live event and turn it into helpful content for a much larger audience,” he said.